Monday, March 26, 2007


Duff thinks it's time we formed a Goddess Party (no, not the kind with Champaign and party favors -- the kind that boxes the Reps and the Dems about the ears).

Whaddya think? Is it time yet?
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Morgaine said...

Exactly - if they ever admit that the matriarchy existed, they'd have to admit that people are not naturally violent, and that causes their whole hierarchy to crumble. This is why we MUST make everyone aware of the matriarchy and the big lies the patriarchs tell to keep their advantages intact. It all has to come tumbling down, and knowledge is power. That's why Adam & Eve story was written - to make us afraid of knowing.

Anonymous said...

Of course, if you do, people will accuse you of splitting the democrat (or maybe republican) vote. They believe it's crucial that Tweedledee triumphs over Tweedledum or to use another Lewis Carrol metaphor, The oysters should follow the Walrus not the Carpenter (because he CARES!).

I'd vote for Alice :-)

lizz.duff said...

Okay, okay. It's me, Duff, again, exhorting all to and for a Goddess Party.

Lest anyone doubt the WarGod and his testosterone is destroying the world: Online Journal, 3/26/07, reports from the Kremlin that U.S. (Jehovah) attack on Iran (Allah), likely with NUCLEAR weapons, will start at 4 AM 4/6/07, after AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee, AKA Yahweh)successfully lobbied for deletion of 'no Iran invasion' language from recently passed U.S. House of Reps. budget bill, funding the biggest current war. Sorry for the run-on sentence--I'm lathered.

Note the date: early Good Friday morning, and the Sabbath in Iran. Obscenity on obscenity.

These fuckers mean to do it. On 4/6 or sometime real soon. Nuclear weapons. Not since Hiroshima/Nagasaki flash-killed 350,000 Japanese as a demonstration case to warn the Soviets. Wonder who dropped those bombs? The WarGod lusts for blood--and is never sated.

Bring on Gaia, et al. We need Her healing love and succor. We need Her to hold us to Her bosom. NOW!


Athana said...

Yeah, Morgaine, a whaleload of people would lose tons of stuff if we all realized the truth – that humans are not born violent. I think Lotsa people join the military ‘cause they think war is inevitable. Which means somebody has to fight off the born-violent enemy. What if they all knew the truth -- that people aren’t born violent? That there’s no good evidence for war for 99% of human history? That there are several non-violent, nonwarring societies in the world?

Think of the poor military-industrial complexites who'd lose their nice houses (all 44 of them spread around the globe in places like Tahiti and the Virgin Islands)

Athana said...

Well, Pignut, our Goddess Party’d be closer to Dems than Reps. So we could trick the Reps into voting for us – hand out elephant-shaped lollipops or something. That way we’ll split both Dems and Reps in equal measure.

Athana said...

Duff, your analysis is truly awesome. “The U.S. (JEHOVAH) attack on Iran (ALLAH) … will start … 4/6/07, after AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee, AKA YAHWEH) successfully lobbied for deletion of 'no Iran invasion' from … House … budget bill.”

It’s YAJ in all his glory leading us into nuclear annihilation! This time He’s gonna smite us all off in one fell swoop.

YAJ, of course -- for you new to the blog -- is the god Yahweh-Allah-Jehovah – really one god, not three (as he likes to fool us all into thinking).

Morgaine said...

Athana - Ralph Nader aside, if you read about the International Green Party, it pretty much is a Goddess party, they just don't say Goddess. I think they are the wave of the future, but a third party candidate will only make a dent in this country after some serious election reform. I wish I could run for office, but I've got more than a few skeletons in my closet - I've got a whole mausoleum in there!

This is so funny! The letters they want me to type to post this:


I kid you not!