Friday, March 16, 2007


If you can grab a tv this morning at 10, do it. History is being made, and you’ll want to see it. Valerie Plame is going to testify in front of Congress.

Remember Valerie? The CIA agent who, along with her hubby, refused to kowtow to Bushlet? So Bushlet exposed her, putting her life on the line?

Today at 10 am on C-Span, the Sweet ol’ Dems are going to seat her in front of Congress and let her tell her story.

Babies, a mad man’s running our country, and no one will stand up to him ‘cause they’re shaking-in-their-boots terrified. Everyone sayin’ “Whooo-ee! I ain’t touchin’ that boy! Look what he done did to Ms. Plame!”


Anne Johnson said...

I was teaching, but I'll see it on Keith.

Morgaine said...

She is a true Hera. By outing her, Bush not only endangered her, but everyone she's ever been seen speaking to. I heard one former agent say that it is a virtual certainty that people have been killed as a result of this. It takes millions of dollars to train someone like Valerie, and it took many millions to set up her cover. Because she has been outed, we are less able to stop the illegal trafficking of radio-active materials.

When is somebody in Washington going to stand up and call this administration on their treason?