Sunday, March 04, 2007


Last night I caught the opening episode of a brand new Goddess TV series! Dudettes and dudes! Whether you’re left or right, this show will rock you! For righties, it’s about battling Big Taxes; for lefties, it’s about battling the rich while they bleed the poor.

Of course we Goddess people know it’s really about the Goddess Mari, or Marian, and Her band of Merry Men, all of whom have learned to be good Mother Men, i.e. egalitarian, democratic, generous, independent, smart, playful, generally non-violent and peaceful, caring courageous risk-takers.

Playing the Goddess is Lucy Griffiths. Playing Robin Hood is Jonas Armstrong. Playing Sir Guy of Gisborne is Richard Armitage. Go HERE for more.

I watched the first episode last night at 9 pm EST, on BBC America, channel 74; it’s good; I think I’m hooked already.
Thnx to Ariel for the foto

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