Monday, October 09, 2006


Or, GET YOUR Drug-Highs HERE

As usual, paxton’s gifted us with an excellent question: “I’d be interested to know what you mean when you say ‘your spirituality works.’” (See comments to Wednesday’s post, “The Mysterious Dying God.”)

Paxton could mean a coupla things, here:

o Does Goddess spirituality work to make me -- Athana -- feel better?

o And/or, Does it work to better the world, and to make every earthling feel better – by ending war and violence, environmental trashing, overpopulation, and abuse – of children, the elderly, women, the poor, people of color, and so forth?

My answer to both is “Yes.”

Any religion or spiritual practice can rip some of the sting outa life, the uncertainty. You also get a support group outa the deal. And to top it off, research now says religions dump powerful drugs into your bloodstream:

“… endorphins,… brain chemical(s) that operate on the same opiate receptors as alcohol – with the effect of suppressing pain – can also be released after deep expressions of religious faith. Perhaps most widely associated with strenuous exercise, endorphins are thus also part of the brain’s response to spirituality – not just moments of religious ecstasy, but a steady, calming diet of faith” (from Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President, by Justin A. Frank, M.D., 2004, p. 57).*

THE TRICK IS, does your religion trash the earth while it’s giving you your drug high? Or does it teach you how to keep Mother Earth alive? Does it push war and violence down your throat while feeding you your drugs? Or how to sacrifice your life for peace instead of war? Does your religion create poverty and abuse, or erase them?

Paxton, my love, we’ve given your war-god religions 6000 years to show us they “work.” All they’ve done is spread like cancer, suffocating religions that do work. To keep their bloody claws in you, they stuff you full of fear – of hell, of burning in hell, of being powerless, of being ‘born bad,’ and on and on and on.

In ending, I offer these enlightening verses from your own “holy” book: Exodus fifteen-three: ‘The Lord is a warrior; the Lord is His name.’ Joshua eleven-twenty: ‘For it was the Lord Himself who hardened their hearts to wage war….’ Isaiah forty-two twenty-five: ‘So He [Jehovah] poured out on them His burning anger, the violence of war….’ Samuel fifteen-eighteen: ‘And He [Jehovah] sent you on a mission, saying, “Go and completely destroy those wicked people, the Amalekites; make war on them….”’ Jeremiah fifty-one twenty: ‘You [Jehovah] are my war club….’ Isaiah forty-two thirteen: ‘The Lord will march out like a mighty man, like a warrior ….’ Psalms one-forty-four one: ‘Praise be to the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war….’

*Unfortunately, Frank fails to give a source for this research.

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Anne Johnson said...

Absolutely brilliant post. Viva la blog!

Morgaine said...

Religious ecstasy is still ecstasy - personally, I'd rather get there through sex than a revival meeting, but it's a powerful place, no matter how you arrive. The problem with the Big Daddy Death Cult is that "he" is constantly telling you you're going to lose your fix, and worse, burn in hell on top of that! No addict is going to risk losing his connection.

Our Mother supports our natural highs - She gives us love, sacred plants, and each other to enjoy happily and freely. Frankly, I'd rather party with the Goddess than skulk about in fear like a junkie.

Anti-Thesisofreason said...

Don't forget the paranoia he uses to.
Like "you're either with us or against us".
This gets people wondering who is against us. . .it could be your neighbor or the mail man. Be vigilent, don't let your guard down! You don't know who you can trust! !

Paxton said...

As a point of discussion, I believe *quite literally* in the existence of an eternal spirit-person who created everything, and I believe that the nature of this eternal spirit-person is revealed pretty specifically in the Bible.

Whether I'm right or wrong isn't relevant right now. What *intrigues* me (and I've tried to pin you down on this before ^_^) is that you don't think of "belief" as something true or real (so far as I can tell). We don't just have different faith, we have two completely different *types* of faith.

I believe there exists a real person (God). I try to build my life on what is true and real. Do you do any such thing? Said another way, I think that you believe in the religion of the Goddess, but I have never seen evidence that you believe in the Goddess herself. You *say* you do...but it just doesn't seem important to you.

I'm not saying your way is worse. I'm just confused by it all =) A thing is either true or false, and I have wondered for a long time now: What do you care about reality?