Tuesday, October 03, 2006

New Goddess Group Forming

Well, here's the flyer I've been posting for starting my new Goddess group:


Are you a Goddess woman looking for a spiritual, nature-based, and supportive small group to call your own?

If so, I invite you to join what I am hoping will become such a group. I envision about 13 women meeting eight or more times a year. I’m also envisioning a thealogical group as well as a ceremonial-ritual group -- one that will, through time, construct itself – and possibly a new spiritual path.

I’d like to pattern the group after the old Goddess religions – the ones offering us lives free of war, violence, poverty, sexism, racism and so forth. Since these religions were destroyed long ago, we need to rebuild them from bits and pieces of the remaining evidence. As an archaeologist, I hope to help guide the group through this process.

WHERE: My home.

WHEN: At the eight pre-Christian sacred European ceremonies (solstices, equinoxes, etc.). Thealogical sessions to be held at the eight ceremonies, or separately.

HOW: I envision all members convening for ceremonies, and as many as possible gathering for thealogical sessions.

WHY: The world is crying out for the feminine divine -- the divine that preceded the Kali, Athena, Isis and other Goddesses altered and weakened by the patriarchy. We will be searching for, and interacting with a much older, non-violent, anti-war Goddess – the Goddess of the Old Europeans, Catal Huyukians, Minoans and others.

WHO: I would like to begin with women. It is my belief that the loss of female divinity has weakened women, and that before we can interact effectively with men we need to heal ourselves. Once we heal, we can help men, too, find Goddess.

INTERESTED in finding out more? Please email or call me.
We'll see if it works. So far two of my friends are excited about joining. If it's just the three of us to begin with, so be it!


Hippie Pagan Earth Mama said...

Ahh...Athana, your group sounds wonderful, just what my soul yearns for. If only I were closer. May the Goddess bring forth those who will strenghten your vision! Blessed Be, Kelly

Hippie Pagan Earth Mama said...

Oh, and P.s. "The New York Times" the day after didn't even mention that the victims were girls: female. They avoided gender completely. Interesting, huh?