Sunday, January 15, 2006


If you haven’t already, take a trip to the Spiral Goddess Grove. It's a fascinating place, flowing with inspiration, filled with information, each room a work of art, crafted from a unique combination of visuals, liturgy, music and mood. Here's the Home Page:

"An online Sacred Temple of the Great Goddess.

"A place for All who seek the ancient wisdom of the Goddess and the peace and strength of Nature. The Grove offers a glimpse into the sacred feminine with Goddess Altars, Goddess Groves, small sanctuaries and tranquility. Here abide the Goddesses, the Crone, Diana, Inanna, IsIs, Kore, Demeter, Kali, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Yemaya, Brigid, Venus, Kuan Yin, the dancing Minoan Snake Goddess, the Muses, the GreenMan and many more.
Step into the Spiral Goddess Grove and enjoy all this and more!

"Goddess Names * Discovering Yourself * Ritual & Renewal * Goddess Lands * Great Goddess Altar * Asherah Altar * Altar of Astarte * Aphrodite's Altar * Brigid Altar * Breathe Deeply * A Goddess Garden * Grove of Rememberance * Deep at Your Core * A Creation Story * Crone Moon Grove * Dawn of a New Day * Temple of Artemis-Diana * Flowing with Nature * GreenMan Grove * Goddess Prayers
* Goddess 101 * Pagan 101 * Healing Altar * The Hearth * Human Heritage & the Goddess * Inanna ~ Ishtar Altar * Altar of IsIs * Goddess Jewels * Kid's Grove * The Kid's Beach * Kid's Spirit * Kid's Coloring Page * Labyrs Altar * Mary Page * The Muse * Night Mother Grove * Rainbow Heart Grove * Altar of Serenity * SpiralGrove * Spirit Path * Vinca Altar * Ancient Goddess Grotto * Sacred Wall Art * Ocean Mother * Kali Ma Altar * A Faery Page * Trees & Glades *Links * Awards & WebRings *"

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