Friday, January 06, 2006


Does the Goddess punish bad people? Especially really bad people like WalMart, Dick Cheney, Big Oil and Fred Phelps? (Ol’ Fred has a new poster out, assuring us that “God is laughing, mocking and deriding hypocritical West Virginia” and that he “Thank[s] God for 12 dead miners.”)

Here’s Morgaine’s take on the question (from a comment Morgaine made on an earlier post):

“The Goddess doesn't punish people. If we continue to sicken and abuse her, she will eliminate the source of the abuse in her attempt to heal herself. If that means getting rid of us, so be it. She's done it before - we'll be back, and maybe we'll learn this time. Any living organism will function this way and She is a living organism.

“Also, the three-fold law is in play. Whatever you send out comes back on you. We punish ourselves, so she doesn't have to. We're about to reap what we’ve sown.”
Using my “healthy-mother rule” (treat others the way a healthy mother treats her child), I’d agree with Morgaine. A healthy mother teaches rather than punishes.

What about Kali and the like, you ask?

As I’ve pointed out before, I think violent goddesses are inventions of the patriarchy. Through history there’s been a “slimy slide” from powerful, life-affirming goddesses, to war-like, violent, or wet-noodle goddesses like Kali and the Virgin Mary (see The Gods Take Over, Part II, Sept. 21, 2005).

What do you think?
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Morgaine said...

Destroyer Goddesses are necessary in context - you have to clear a field before you can plow, cut down trees before you can build. The evil, murderous representations are a projection of men's fear of woman's power; the impotent, harmless images a projection of their wishes that women have no power.

Catherine Vocalist said...

I think Kali is an extremely powerful and important goddess. I know that I have called on her for assistance and she has responded very quickly and ferociously. She is definitely not for the faint of heart.

I agree with Morgaine that "murderous projections are a projection of men's fear of woman's power".

Goddesses like Kali and the like are necessary because Nature possesses both light and dark...

nikkormac said...

Goddesses have the capacity for violence - a fact for which many of us males are very grateful - and i think we're deluding ourselves (and doing Goddesses/Women no service) if we pretend otherwise. to so pretend is to perceive and promote Goddesses/Women as incomplete beings, capable of *almost* anything. Hurricanes and other storms are acts of Goddesses (indeed, i think it diffusive of proper respect for Femininity to give some hurricanes male names - that's why it sounds so male can approximate the fury of a furious Female), and many a Woman has come away feeling powerful and exhilarated from the administration of a sound beating to Her deserving (and hopefully consenting) husband, who in turn loves and respects Her the more afterward.

reflecting on what i've written here, i guess i'd even go so far as to say that violence is not necessarily a bad thing, in and of itself; like anything else its virtue, or lack thereof, depends on the circumstances...the form it takes, the reasons for its application, etc.

maybe to help You see this kind of thing and be okay with it is a reason Goddess gave You males. :)

nikkormac said...

...oh, and of course Ms. morgaine and Ms. catherine m. have already said what i said, and much better...duh...

Morgaine said...

The Goddess has the potential for all things because She is all things. Storms and floods are not "acts" but elements of her body. If you think about it, rain is almost the equivalent of menstruation. Water evaporates, builds up in the atmosphere, reaches a saturation point then falls again, in the process cleansing and nourishing growing things. A woman doesn't "act" to menstruate - its the normal function of a healthy body. And when stressed, or sick, or poisoned the body reacts by bleeding less, or bleeding too much.

Kali is of course an important manifestation of the Goddess - it's not her power that I'm attributing to men's projections, it's the interpretation. They make a value judgement that Kali is bad or evil because they fear women's power, instead of simply seeing her as an awesome, intense, and vital force.

Athana said...

"….murderous projections are a projection of men's fear of woman's power".

I think, too, that they stem from men’s fear of women’s anger – anger resulting from men's mistreatment of women.