Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Well, we lost a round yesterday. Mr. Slimy -- uh Sammy Alito slithered up onto the Supreme Court of the Land.

But haven't lost the war. We'll keep fighting, the way our ancestors fought against evil, ignorance and "compassion fatigue" (as we used to say when I worked with refugees), i.e., compassion for the poor, the physically challenged, women, minorities, the mentally ill, the mentally challenged, the worker, the refugee, the shrinking middle class, anyone not a right-wing fundie. You know -- just about all of us.

For whatever reasons, America seems in the dark about the pit-bull views of Mr. Alito, and of the black corners he will lead into now that he's slithered onto the Court. I am fully convinced however, that if Americans did know, they would be marching in the streets.

When future historians throw their gaze back onto these first days of 2006, I'm glad they'll see our names on the list of those who stood strong against Slime -- Slith- ... uh .. Samuel Alito.

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