Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Taking time off today to watch the Samuel Alito Circus on CSPAN. Mr. Alito was just set upon by Senator Diane Feinstein.

Oh my, what a woman! At first, Mr. A. interrupted the Senator (something he’d steered clear of with the men who questioned him). But by the time the Senator had finished, Mr. A. was stuttering (something he also hadn’t done with the men).

Senator Feinstein did hold Mr. A’s feet to the fire! Sweetly, she asked a simple question: “Under what circumstances should Roe be overturned?” And twice -- maybe three times -- she was forced to stop and chide him: “Sonny Boy, you’re not answering my question!” (Well, she didn’t exactly use the words “Sonny Boy” – but wouldn’t it be sweet if she had?)

All the Senator managed to get Mr. A. to explain here, was why in general a law with tons of precedence behind it (which Roe has) might be dumped. His answer? “If the rule proves unworkable.”

Really, really clear as jello, huh?

I think we're in big trouble.

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