Friday, January 06, 2006

…& Lurn How to Spel ‘Thealogy’!

A few posts ago, I wuz treeted to a scolding by a commenter. The scolding ended with “…and learn how to spell Theology!!” I told the commenter I’d nevver uzed the word “theology” on this blog, so howl cud I misspell it? Acshally, that was just me just trying to be cute. “Thealogy” spelled with an “a” not an “o” (like I do in Radical Goddess Thealogy, rilly, trooly, is a word:

Thealogy is literally the study of the Goddess (Greek θεά, thea, "goddess" + λόγος, logos, "study"). In 1993, Charlotte Caron's definition of thealogy as "reflection on the divine in feminine and feminist terms" appeared, but the term actually originates in the writings of Isaac Bonewits in 1974.


“In 1989 Ursula King notes [the] growing usage [of ‘theaology’] as a fundamental departure from traditional male-oriented theology, characterised by its privileging of symbols over rational explanation. She chronicles sympathetically that
‘…most writing on the Goddess, when not historical, is either inspirational or devotional, and a systematically ordered body of thought, even with reference to symbols, is only slowly coming into existence’ (1989:126-127).”

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