Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Morgaine at The-Goddess is looking for Goddess lovers to swell the ranks of her all-new Goddess-movement activist group, GoGoddess. We will write to organizations urging them to give "equal time" to the Goddess. We need at least six more members; more, of course are welcome!

The group’s mission statement:

“This group is assembled for one purpose - to demand equal time for the Goddess and Her people in public discourse. We agree to send emails, and occasionally write letters or make phone calls to media, politicians, and public figures when the Goddess is ignored, denigrated, or excluded from topics or panels in which our community must be counted."

Who knows? This could be the beginning of powerful world change. And you could be in on it. So drop what you're doing and amble on over to, click on “groups,” type “GoGoddess,” and join up now.

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