Thursday, January 26, 2006


The New York Times is calling for a filibuster of the Samuel Alito nomination!

And, sounds like John Kerry may be willing to organize one!


Anne Johnson said...

Athana, I am flabbergasted by the news that Robert Byrd (D-WV) has said he will vote for Alito. Byrd probably knows more about the Constitution than any other sitting senator, so I am putting my trust in him, as I always have. It's hard to argue with the only senator who stood up and denounced Bush's decision to begin the Iraq War.

As I say, this news comes as a huge shock. Either Byrd is finally going senile (he's in his 90s), or he sees something in Alito that the rest of us are overlooking. I sure hope it's the latter.

Athana said...

I was shocked too! I do think, though, that Senators work on an "I'll scratch your back" system. Maybe he was promised a total rehaul of the WV coal mining operation, that would protect all workers from now til kingdom come.

Or, maybe he's just not hearing from enough of his constituents. I'm not kidding when I say it's just so easy to call these guys' offices. If everyone knew how easy (and effective) it is, Senators would be flooded with calls and have to hire armies of phone operators. I know you don't live in WV now, but if you have anyone there you can cajole into calling, well, now's the time, I think.

I noticed too how old Senator Byrd appears -- as well he should at his age! Bless his heart for continuing to give to all of us all the way up into his 90s.