Saturday, January 28, 2006

Defining GODDESS

Over at The-Goddess, Morgaine has beautifully defined “god” and “Goddess.” Some snippets:

“…The Rabbi Jesus tried to move the penitant away from the inherent violence in Yaweh's mythology, but the fundamentalists and Islamic extremists, like the Crusaders and Inquisitioners before them, have brought it back in all its gory detail. That's tragic, and it is the overarching problem facing humans in the 21st century. If those who claim the mantle "Christian" would actually follow the teachings of Jesus, we'd live in a kinder, more fair culture ….


“Now, for my definitions of the divine - as I've said, I believe that the divine is female, and we are all born from Her. We are parts of Her living and conscious body, which sustains us and interacts with us. She is not "everywhere," She is every thing. All that has existed, exists, or will ever exist is here, now, and a part of Her. Because we are intimately connected, we can't do more of anything to anyone than we do to ourselves. For that reason, violence is madness. If you judge people, hate people, oppress people, you ultimately judge, hate and oppress yourself. That's not just philosophy, it's physics.”
Morgaine suggests Jehovah’s Golden Rule falls short of the Great Mother’s Rule. Unlike the former, the latter paints a picture of the physics underlying human interaction: others are, in fact, parts of you -- just as your ankles and eyelids constitute parts of you. As you treat them, so you treat yourself – with no choice in the matter.

About Jesus: I love this dude. He’s as tender and ferociously protective as a mother with babies, which to me is a major defining quality of the Goddess. But Jesus lacks body, sensuality, humor, and playfulness -- further colossal qualities of Goddess.

Stripping Jesus of body strips him of 75% of his power, just as stripping us of the same strips us of our power. But that’s what the madmen who built the mechanical Jehovah-Jesus were aiming for. Stripped of our power, we are putty in their hands.
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