Saturday, January 14, 2006

4,000,000 Goddess WORSHIPERS

Numbers on Goddess worshippers are hard to figure, but the estimates are as high as four million in the U.S. and growing everyday. Books, workshops, festivals, and even the popular 'Lilith Faire' tour, featuring top female musicians, are mainstreaming the movement. And in the heightened spiritual climate of America -- the Goddess appears to be striking a chord with women."
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Wow! These are great stats – if true. Unfortunately, they come from another christian site bursting to bury pagan rivals (the online magazine Antipas). Yawn. The article seems to draw aim at teens. At first it slurps you in; not until the final few paragraphs do the bar bells drop on your head, as you discover that little Lupe’s big bad Goddess group commands her to “raise a dead body.” At that point, little Lupe scampers away from bad Goddess and back to good Jesus.

Q: Was little Lupe asked to raise the dead? A: I seriously doubt it. Unless, of course, her group was a christian group masquerading as Goddess.

Q: Do Christians raise dead bodies? A: Remember that dude Jesus Christ?

Q: Where would anyone get a dead body to bring to a Goddess group? A: Nowhere; this magazine is a study in snake oil.

Q: Would there be a better way to scare people than with a group keeping dead bodies in the freezer? A: Yes. Tell them it was a Wiccan group keeping dead bodies in the freezer [this one was -- Wiccan, that is -- not keeping dead bodies in the freezer].

Q: Is it possible to sue magazines for group-character defamation? A: I don’t know. Why not ask your readers?

Q: Is it time we had a national organization hefty enough to hire lawyers? A: Yes. Past time.
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Morgaine said...

Doesn't the Lady Liberty League at Circle do things like this?

Anne Johnson said...

When they start using tactics like this, they're on the ropes. I did read somewhere else that "New Age" is the fastest-growing religion in the U.S. I guess the Goddess falls under this umbrella.

Morgaine said...

I wrote that comment very poorly. I meant that Lady Liberty League handles discrimination suits and the like. Pagans don't need to lie about Christians to make them look bad - they do that themselves.

Grian said...

"Q: Is it time we had a national organization hefty enough to hire lawyers? A: Yes. Past time."

That would be nice. Too bad getting Pagans to agree on anything is like herding cats. I only wish we could agree on one thing long enough to make something like this happen. Hopefully, I'll get to see it in my lifetime.

Morgaine said...


I'd like to see that happen, too. I worked with the Pagan Unity Campaign for a while, and that was terribly disappointing. I can't believe we can't all put our differences aside to face down right wing radicals.