Saturday, June 04, 2005

Throwing FITS

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On May 23, Salman Rushdie warned in The Toronto Star that God the Father is having a temper tantrum all over the world. (My prediction: Precious will blow Himself up to Heaven and never be heard from again.)

"... Meanwhile religions continue to attack their own artists: Hindu artists' paintings are attacked by Hindu mobs, Sikh playwrights are threatened by Sikh violence and Muslim novelists and filmmakers are menaced by Islamic fanatics with a vigorous unawareness of any kinship....

"And in America, the battle over the teaching of intelligent design in U.S. schools is reaching crunch time, as the American Civil Liberties Union prepares to take on intelligent-design proponents in a Pennsylvania court...."

"If religion were a private matter, one could more easily respect its believers' right to seek its comforts and nourishments. But religion today is big public business, using efficient political organization and cutting-edge information technology to advance its ends...."

And then Salman hits the nail smack on the head:

"Religions play bare-knuckle rough all the time, while demanding kid-glove treatment in return." Of course when he says "religions" he means God-the-Father religions.

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