Sunday, June 19, 2005

ONE-STOP Shopping

Shopping for Pain Killers Posted by Hello

We could fix it all overnight -- if we brought back the Goddess. With one stroke we'd vaporize war, poverty, inequality, child abuse ....

Oh, here. Why don't I just alphabetize the whole luscious list:

Child abuse
Crime (general)
Elder abuse
Environment, the
Illness (mental and physical)
Nuclear stuff (war, waste, leaks, etc.)
Ocean (it's dying)
Parent abuse
Prejudice/discrimination (race, sex, sexual preference, etc.)
Rain forest
Snuff films
Species extinction
Spouse abuse

Did I miss your favorite Rotten Thing? Comment me, I'll add it.

But aren't you sick to death of this list?

Well then, help me bring back the Goddess! All evidence points to humanity being just peachy keen when we have female deity to light the way. And when we don't -- well, things just fall apart overnight.

Thnx to ElRincon for the photo


Andygrrl said...

Depression and Suicide. I might not be here if it weren't for the Goddess (thanks for nothing, Catholicism!)

Kirk said...

The problem is giving God a gender in the first damned place.

Andygrrl said...

It's entirely possible that God/Diety/whatever doesn't have a gender; the problem is that people do, and we inevitably think in gendered terms. In my experience, treating something as genderless almost invariably lapses into implicitly assuming it's male, since male is the default in our culture. And a genderless deity tends to become, imho, a disembodied deity, somewhere up there in the sky, just like the Abrahamic God.

Athana said...

Good for you for chucking Catholicism and finding /the Goddess when you did, Andygrrl.

Athana said...

Kirk, I'm not sure where you're coming from. Deity exists or it doesn't. It has a gender, or it doesn't. Or are you with some of the "New" physicists who seem to be saying that we humans literally create our own reality. Or -- another possibility -- are you saying deity doesn't exist, but some of us create it for others?

Athana said...

This feels right, Andygrrl. People subconsciously view genderless deity as male, since, as you so aptly put it, "male" is our default gender (at this point in history, at least). Secondly, gender-less-ness translates into body-less-ness, which in turn translates back into Yahweh. I might add that it also translates into that sinister old bugaboo, the mind-body split.

Morgaine said...

The gender of deity only comes into question if deity is sefined as an eminent spirit, as in "God is everywhere". A more accurate model is that Goddess is everything.She is immanent. The Universe, all of existence, is the living Goddess. Nature always prefers her own gender. We are all parts of a whole, female entity. She is more than just her consciousness.

Athana said...

An old dream: I was inside an upright black tube, with fist-sized holes in its sides. Through each hole I could see a bright but soothing white light outside the tube. In the dream, I was one of these fist-sized holes, and the other people in my life were the other holes (and for all I knew, this tube ran on indefinitely and had room for all humans on the planet).

What struck me was this: we all looked like separate beings when in fact, we were all just part of this one unbroken, field of light outside the tube.

I think that unbroken light was Goddess, us, and everything else in the universe. We just *feel* separate; in actuality we are all one entity.

Anonymous said...

Let's add "political correctness" to the list...