Sunday, June 05, 2005

BORN THRU Daddy’s mouth?!

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It wasn't just Horus who felt inferior to Goddess and so stole her womb (see yesterday’s post). From about 5000 B.P to, say, 1000 A.D. (depending on where you are on the planet) womb-stealing was all the rage. This was the Age of Male-Gods-Throwing-Tantrums and then sneakily stealing the stage from Goddess.

See, back then, if you were a god, and you couldn't give birth ... Well .... to put it bluntly, you were a Big, Fat, Bubble Head. So the new guy-gods had to rig up a way to make babies -- and fast. This resulted in some fairly hilarious birth-giving schemes:

The new Egyptian god Ra gave birth through his mouth.
The new Indian god Shiva gave birth through his penis.
The new Greek god Zeus gave birth through his head.
The new Hebrew god Yahweh gave birth through a man's rib.
The new Middle Eastern god Atum gave birth by masturbating.
The new Chinese god Kun gave birth through his stomach.
The new Greek god Apollo sat on a pile of eggs.
The new Norse god Ymir gave birth from [take a seat!] his ‘sweaty armpit.’

(From Barbara Walker's superbly documented book, The Woman's Encyclopedia, 1983, pages 106-107).
thnx to ulrik for the photo of Neptune

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