Sunday, June 05, 2005

NEW: Archaeology Links

Archaeologica News -- Daily news updates from the entire field of archaeology. A Forbes Magazine "Best-of-the-Web" site.

Archaeology News -- Also daily news updates from the entire field. Has a SEARCH button at page top.

Archaeology WebRing -- "Quality sites with archaeological content."

Bronze Age in Europe -- Links to Bronze-Age-Europe websites. Has a country index in a left-hand column. The Minoans, Therans, and Maltese were all Bronze-Age Goddess civilizations.

Aegean Archaeology -- Links to websites in Aegean Archaeology. The Minoans, Therans, and ancient Maltese Goddess civilizations awere all Aegean civilizations. A very complete site; somewhat confusing.

Minoans (Dartmouth) -- Very little on "soft" topics like social structure. I think, however, that this may be the most up-to-date site on the Web for Minoans/Minoan archaeology. Reliable? I haven't checked over the entire site yet, so can't vouch for reliability.

NOTE: Be careful when reading about the Minoans. They come to an abrupt end circa 1450 B.C., but writers often fail to tell you that. 1450 B.C. is when the patriarchal Mycenaeans take over Crete, and many writers just go on talking about "The Minoans" as if nothing had happened. Others call this period "Mycenaean-Minoan," which is better, but in my view still somewhat misleading.

I am still looking for reliable links to Old Europe and Catal Huyuk websites.


Andygrrl said...

wow, thanks for the great links. I've been wanting to learn about the Minoans for a while now. As a goddess womyn myself, I think your blog is inspiring! Keep it up!

Athana said...

It certainly does cheer me up considerably when Goddess womyn get to this site! Thanks for visiting, and thanks for the compliment, andygrrl. Please come back often!