Thursday, June 09, 2005

Before THOR, No WAR

Thor's Thunderbolt Posted by Hello

Before those first blasted gods sneakily laid waste to the Goddess (prior to the Bronze Age), war was probably unknown to humans.

"In ... [the early, peaceful, egalitarian Western] societies, the powers that govern[ed] the universe were not ... a male deity whose symbol of authority is a thunderbolt (Jehovah or Wotan) or a weapon (Zeus or Thor). Rather, their conception of power focused on the power to give, sustain, nurture, and illuminate life, symbolized ... by ... a Great Goddess, from whose womb all life ensues and to whose womb it returns at death .... In other words, here the highest power was seen not as 'power over' (domination, conquest and control) but as 'power to' (life-giving and life-nurturing).

"...[T]hanks to what British archaeologist James Mellaart (1965) calls a 'veritable revolution in archaeology,' data are accumulating indicating that this way of structuring society ... flourished for thousands of years in the mainstream of Western cultural evolution before the shift, during a period of chaos and cultural bifurcation, to a world oriented primarily toward a dominator system of 'strongman' rule."

From an article by the incredible Riane Eisler, whose book The Chalice and the Blade has been hailed as one that "...Might make the future possible...."

Go here to visit Riane's groundbreaking Center for Partnership Studies website. The Center is in Pacific Grove, California.
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