Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Archaeologist Marija Gimbutas Posted by Hello

Well! I just discovered that our own Marija Gimbutas was listed in the Utne Reader's list of "What's Worth Saving [from] The 20th Century"!

Says Utne: "UCLA archaeologist Marija Gimbutas turned historical scholarship on its head in the '70s and 80s with research that depicted peace-loving, co-operation-based Goddess-worshipping societies in ancient Europe-- which were overrun in the Neolithic era by Indo-Europeans who imposed patriarchal order. Gimbutas' vision of an earth-friendly, feminine-centered spirituality has sparked religious awakening; an estimated 400,000 Americans now declare themselves neopagans, and many more with feminist or environmentalist leanings are helping revive Goddess worship."

Go HERE to read the article (unfortunately it's no longer available free; Utne's now charging $3 for it).


Thnx to this website for the photo of Marija Gimbutas.

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Andygrrl said...

As if I needed more reason to love Utne! Awesome