Thursday, June 23, 2005


Getting to the Light Posted by Hello

How do we back out of the illness that is the patriarchy? We're a wounded world society. Let's face it: 5000 years of patriarchy has does its stuff on us. What I'm thinking is this: We are going to have to move through a tunnel backwards to get to the Light. We're not the people we will become. It'll be harder for several generations than it will be at the end of the tunnel.

For starters, how do you nurture when you've never been nurtured? How do you go to Mothering when there's been no Mother to take you there?

I can't answer these questions yet, but I know we'll have the answers when we need them. For now what's terribly important is arming ourselves with the right questions.

Thnx to peejay for the exquisite photo

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