Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Jesus Saves SIN

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From time to time when I was knee-high, my mother would load me into the old jalopy and drive "uptown" to shop.

I would have preferred eating worms.

She usually failed to factor in my shorter legs, racing from counter to counter and rack to rack, dragging me by the arm, my little legs whirling like blender beaters to keep up. Not to mention her tendency to forget I had a tiny bladder, and the occasional need of liquids.

Be that as it may, on our way to town we'd always pass a church with a neon sign that used to wrinkle my forehead in puzzlement. Its words sat vertically like this:


There was enough pregnant possibility in this sign to keep my little mind churning all the way into town. Why would Jesus -- who'd been promoted to me as a Good Guy -- want to save sin?!?

One day, in a flash of insight, I saw my error.

The word "lightning" was not actually on the sign, there was only a jagged, neon-orange picture of lightning -- between "Sin" and "Kills."

A bit of punctuation would have helped! That missing comma after "Saves" would have saved me years of consternation!

I wonder, though. Maybe this sign was part of my eventual abandonment of this man Jesus, who, during my formative years stood as Protector of Bad Things in the world....

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Nicole said...

Gotta say that those badly written, mixed metaphr, lame attempts at humor or threats of eternal damnation really drive me up the wall. I've often wondered exactly who sits around thinking them up and why they don't learn some grammar before they do it.

Athana said...