Thursday, June 30, 2005


I have a wild weakness for this image. Thirty-five centuries ago, an ancient Minoan genius on the Mediterranean Island of Santorini felt the Goddess swim in her sinews, and, using paint, taxied Her to a plaster wall. You are now eyeing the actual plaster and paint deposited over 3,500 years ago.

This is the un-reconstructed Goddess the Goddess below was drawn from (the June 28 Goddess on the three-part throne). Notice Her necklaces -- of blue ducks and burnt-orange dragonflies....

But it's her eyes, her posture that hold me in chains.
This is the eye of Deity, of Far-Sight, the posture of Peace over fear. Of Other-Concern simultaneous with self-concern. Of Power-in-Being versus power-over. It is Self-Love without self-aggrandizement, Tenderness without weakness, Suppleness over stiffness. It is Love never-ending, never-bending, no signs of strings attached.

Bless You All, Forever and Ever,


Thnx to the gaian mystery school for bringing us my magnificent image.

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Thalia said...

Oh that's one I hadn't seen. Dammit, I want a big gorgeous coffee-table book on the Theran murals!