Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Does the Goddess Luv U?

Anonymous asked, on Oct. 30, “How can someone be sure that the Goddess loves them …?”

Since Goddess religion was destroyed some 6000 years ago and we’re just now rekindling it, my answer may not match everyone’s. On one point, however, everyone agrees: the Goddess adores every last one of us – without reservation anywhere in her magnificent, miraculous body:

Every time I see a mother loving her children, I know the Goddess loves us. Every time I see a picture of a panda or a polar bear nuzzling and nurturing her young, I know we’re all loved by the Mother. When I hear a mother describing the almost mystical adoration she feels for her newborn, I know I’m loved -- just so – by my Mother Goddess. When I hear of mothers lifting two-ton vehicles – because their child is pinned under one, I realize how ardently we’re all loved by the Mother. I know we’re all loved by the Goddess when I hear stories like the one about Cindy Parolin who, to save her 6-year-old, wrestled for hours with a wild cougar (see May 11 post).

Now, after millennia of battering by the patriarchy, it’s a testament to the deep-rooted power of women that we have any healthy mothers left anywhere. But we do. And if your mother wasn’t one, go switch on the nature channel. Watch a mother koala cuddle with her cubs. Healthy mothers don’t care who you are – they worship you, they adore you! They can’t help it! And so it is with your Mother Goddess; she loves you now and forever more, through infinite time and infinite space. No holds barred. No strings attached.
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