Saturday, November 19, 2005

AH, SWEET Success!

Ah, Victory! How sweet it is!! Wikipedia modified my new 2nd paragraph in their Minoan article but left its essence untouched -- and left it in place as the second paragraph. The first two paragraphs now read:

"The Minoans were a pre-Hellenic Bronze Age civilization in Crete in the Aegean Sea, prior to Helladic or Mycenaean culture (i.e. well before what we know as Classical Greece). Their civilization flourished from approximately 3000 to 1450 BC.

"One of the outstanding features of Minoan Civilization was their worship of female, not male divinity. "That a powerful goddess of nature was the chief deity of the Minoans was recognized already by Evans [the original excavator of Minoan culture] and has never been seriously questioned." [1]
(As noted in an earlier comment, I expected them to ax my whiny comments about being a "woman living in a man's world." -- which they did...)


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