Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Several months ago, I did battle with Wikipedia over their article on the Minoans. They refused to allow that the Minoans worshipped female deity! “Give us an exact quote,” snickered a Wikipedia arbitrator. Well, today, finally, I got around to getting him his quote. Here it is, placed regally in paragraph two of the article:
“One of the outstanding features of Minoan civilization was their worship of female, not male divinity (‘That a powerful goddess of nature was the chief deity of the Minoans was recognized already by Evans [the original excavator of Minoan culture] and has never been seriously questioned.’ Nanno Marinatos, 1993, Minoan Religion: Ritual, Image, and Symbol, University of South Carolina Press, p. 147 [NOTE: When I tried in the past to begin this article with information about the extraordinary fact that these advanced ancient peoples worshipped primarily -- if not exclusively -- female divinity, I was told I was wrong, and that if I persisted in inserting "erroneous" information, I must support it with a quote. Thus the reference by the well-known and highly respected Minoan archaeologist Nanno Marinatos; and thus the plight of modern woman in a male-dominated world]).”

I know they’ll pitch the last several of my magnificently whiny sentences (about being a poor woman in a male world), but at least a few people will read the magnificence before it’s pitched.

Frankly folks, this foray into the land of Wikipedia has been a bit forbidding: I’ve never before gotten this close to the smelly face of the patriarchy. I could feel its grimy whiskers brushing me on the cheek. Guh - ROSS!

Go HERE, to Wikipedia, to read the entire article, which still could use quite a bit of improvement, in almost every section.
Thnx to the American Library Color Slide Co. for the picture of the highly reconstructed ancient Minoan triumfeminate (aka "The Blue Ladies").


Morgaine said...

I had an unpleasant experience with them recently, too.
For a project that's supposed to be inclusive, they certainly have a lot of judgemental, biased assholes working for them.

Have you ever taken the quiz at BeliefNet? It's totally male-god biased, and when I pointed this out (a while ago) they sneered, too. Feel free to pound on them a while too, if you like.

ursa said...

My hats of to you.

Anne Johnson said...

Want a laugh at Wikipedia? Type in "list of opiate addicts." It's quite long, of course. Scroll to "politics" HA HA HA HA HA!

Love it.