Saturday, November 12, 2005

New Pope Backs Darwin

Catholic Cardinal Paul Poupard argues that the description in Genesis of the Creation [is]

"'…perfectly compatible' with Darwin’s theory of evolution, if the Bible were read properly.

'Fundamentalists want to give a scientific meaning to words that had no scientific aim.'

"[Poupard] argued that the real message of Genesis was that the Universe did not make itself, and had a creator. 'Science and theology act in different fields, each in its own.' In Rome, the immediate reaction was that this was a Vatican rejection of the fundamentalist American doctrine of 'intelligent design.' No doubt the Vatican does want to separate itself from American creationists, but the significance surely goes further than that. This is not another Galileo case; the teachings of the Church have never imposed a literal interpretation of the language of the Bible; that was a Protestant mistake. …


"It is a precautionary statement, distancing the Church from the American attack on Darwinism that Rome considers to be neither good science, nor good theology. It will also be taken as an indication of the priorities of the present Pope Benedict XVI."
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Morgaine said...

I love it when the godboys turn on each other. How nuts do you have to be for the Nazi Pope to distance himself from you? Do you suppose they've figured out that fundamentalists don't like Catholics?