Friday, November 25, 2005


This morning, the Associated Press released “Religion in the News,” about Supreme Court nominee Sam Alito:

“Liberals are upset … that Alito allowed a city Nativity display on grounds that it wasn't totally religious and included secular symbols (Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus). They also note that Alito joined a dissent that would have legalized high school graduation prayers so long as students initiate and deliver them rather than teachers or clergy.” MORE >>>
People, do we need to trudge back to school to re-learn why America’s founders sweated bullets to make sure “religion” (i.e., godFather religion) couldn’t get its sticky fingers into government pies? Remember how, before the Revolution, if ya didn’t show up for Sunday services they marched you straight to jail? Remember Salem “witchcraft”? Where the god Church called the shots about who should be hung – based on the blather and babble of a buncha teenage church girls?

And how ‘bout those Quakers the Puritans had a nasty habit of killing off – just ‘cause they were Quakers? Didja know that, before the Revolution, ya couldn’t vote unless you were a godFather church goer? Way! Do we really wanna return to Rule by Religion? Do we even wanna step one toe onto that slippery slope?
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