Friday, November 18, 2005

a CHRISTIAN EYES the Goddess, Part 2

Yesterday, we treated ourselves to snippets from a Christian’s history of the Goddess Movement. Today (as promised) we examine some funkier snippets from the same article:

“The fact that spiritual feminists … were attempting to work their “magick” for a former member of the U.S. Weathermen … is quite consistent with the string of violence that runs through those who worship the mother goddess.
WHA!!?? Wha’d I miss?! Any of you seen any violent Goddess worshippers hanging around lately? Nooooo, neither have I. Also, this dude’s Weathermen/Goddess data is news to me. Gotta tell ya, though, sounds kinda fishy.

“In his informative book Unmasking The New Age, Douglas R. Groothuis notes that the word thug originally referred to a class of Kali [the Hindu Goddess] worshippers in northern India who terrorized the country for several hundred years…. [T]he thugs would … ambush and strangle their victims [and] ritually sacrificed untold scores of people....

Kali is a counterfeit Goddess, sprung from the fevered patriarchal brain. At one time, Kali was undoubtedly a real Goddess, but, like most historic Goddesses (to a greater or lesser degree), the patriarchy remodeled Her to serve its own purposes. Be that as it may, what does the Thuggee movement, run by a group of Indian Muslim men, have to do with the modern Goddess movement? Have any of you heard of anyone from the Goddess movement ambushing, strangling, or ritually sacrificing even a fly? Most Goddess worshippers I know won’t step on an indoor ant. They scoop it up and deposit it gently outdoors where it can scamper away.

“… Although adherents of the Mother Goddess vehemently deny it, human sacrifice and violence have historically been an intricate part of goddess worship. The definitive book on this subject, The Golden Bough, was written by Sir James Frazer and was published in 1900. Even Robert Graves, who has probably been the greatest force for the revival of interest in goddess worship, wrote in his book, The Masks of God, that “human everywhere characteristic of the worship of the Goddess.”
Ummmmm…. Whoops! Robert Graves wrote The White Goddess. It was Joseph Campbell who wrote The Masks of God…. And I have to warn ya, sir, don’t ever tell an anthropologist you’re seriously looking for accurate info from the 115-year-old book The Golden Bough – you’ll be laughed out of the room and down the block. Just ta let ya know. So ya won’t be humiliated. Oh, and DEFINITELY don’t call The Bough the “definitive book” on, well, anything. An anthropologist would hafta suppress a fleeting thought of having you locked up somewhere. And gee, I pulled out my copy of The Masks of God, and I don’t see a thing about sacrifice being “everywhere characteristic of the worship of the Goddess."

Frankly, I’m a bit bored with patriarchals throwing the Goddess in the same tub with human sacrifice -- give me a fat break! It’s like the white-guy fantasy that black guys are forever raping white women. I think it comes from some primordial fear patriarchals have passed down through the ages. It stems from guilt that they tried to kill off the Goddess (and almost succeeded, I might add). I don’t know of any good archaeological evidence connecting Goddess worship with human sacrifice.

thnx to dalsabzi for the pic of Kali


Dove said...

It's so lovely when you rip things like that to shreds!

When was Kali twisted into the Goddess she is now? Are there any books about this topic?

There is a 70's horror (although it isn't actually scary) flick called The Wicker Man. I don't want to spoil it..but it's about a group of Goddess worshipping people but it's totally patriarchal.

Lisa said...

I step on indoor ants all the time. And spiders. Hate spiders...

Anne Johnson said...

There is a truly scientific anthropological study, conducted in the early 1900s and published in 1911 called The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries, by W. Y. Evans-Wentz. This 500 page book contains 7 references to human sacrifice. In four of the cases the human was not killed. In one case the observer/writer who recorded human sacrifice was Roman. In another case the sacrifice was conducted by early Christians. In the last case, two skeletons were found interred by a dolman dedicated to a (presumably male) war god.

Compare that to the number of people burned at the stake for witchcraft (by Christians) and the number killed in the Crusades (by Christians), and I think the Celts have a pretty good record of achievement.

Santanu said...

I beg to differ. All thugs were not muslims.

Morgaine said...

Ugh. So much misinformation, so little time - or patience. I have no doubt that Kali was a destroyer, but I also have little doubt that we'll ever know anything about the Thuggee except their name. Patriarchy keeps just enough of the past to slander it.

As for human sacrifice - what exactly was that they did to Jesus?

The one thing you can count on with Christians - their leaders will lie to them and they'll swallow it whole. Nothing like the sklavmoral - feed the sheeple any load of crap and they'll thank you for it.

Lisa said...

As for human sacrifice - what exactly was that they did to Jesus?

He was viewed as a sacrifice after he was executed for political subversion by the Romans. (Think Che Guevara, CIA, and the fact that everyone wears his face on a Tshirt now- deified human sacrifice for socialism!)

grendelkhan said...

Minor quibble: the Thuggee cult consisted of (reputedly) both Hindu and Muslim men.

Doridar said...

I would simply say that human sacrifice indeed existed in old polytheist cultures but that it was performed by men who worshiped goddesses. So far no proof exists of the existence of a feminist culture and where females were allowed to priesthood, no human sacrifice was performed. The reign of the Goddess in its full extent is dawning. The reign of the gods is dusking.