Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Okay, brace yourselves. Another conspiracy theory: we don’t hear about Goddess because the Powers That Be are hiding Her.

The sources for this chilling scenario? The book The Goddess and the Bull (about the Catalhoyuk archaeological excavations), and the Catalhoyuk website, with its treasure chest of info about the ongoing excavations there.

Both book and site suggest that Catalhoyuk excavators are intentionally obscuring signs of Goddess worship at this 8000-year-old Goddess site.

The original excavator, James Mellaart, found Goddess worship everywhere at Catalhoyuk. So it’s a bit eye-popping when the current excavators find it -- NOWHERE. The current excavators go to extremes to serve fairly astonishing reasons why Goddess figurines at Catalhoyuk are – NOT Goddess figurines. On the other hand, they offer no alternative explanations for the intricate, well-formed, large-breasted marble figurines that obviously took more time to produce than other figurines at the site (which, BTW, are rarely described). Why female figurines exuding awesome “otherness,” but NO figurines of males -- at all? No one touches this topic. Hmmmmm.

In my opinion, here’s what’s going on: Ian Hodder, the current excavator, is one of a handful depending on big-corporation funding to excavate. And these aren’t just any corporations. They’re Big-Guy Corporations: Boeing, IBM and Shell, for instance.

And Hodder’s terrified he’ll lose these Big Guys. He’s mostly into validating a new methodology (“post-processual”), which takes a ton of money to carry out. And Mr. Ian knows that these Deep Pocket Big Guys won’t be thrilled about funding female deity, aka female power. Poor Ian. He’s only human. He wants to do his digs. But damn! Don’t we level-headed folk need to step in, and shine the light of Truth on all of this?!?

Go HERE to read the exciting 2004 Catalhoyuk excavation report – and see for yourself the “indeterminate-sex” figurine with the buxom bosom and the admitted vaginal triangle.


Dove said...

Those figurines are amazing! Why do such large companies have an interest in the excavation site, though?

Athana said...

I think large corporations are always trying to improve their images with the public. Basically they're lifeless money generators, so they try to ameliorate this fact by trading their lifeless money to people like Ian Hodder for a piece of his humanity, and for a piece of the alive-ness of his excavation. In other words, it makes them look good, which means they generate more money in the money-making game.

But if the excavation isn't "sexy" in the eyes of their consituency, then they're assocation with it does them more harm than good. And from what I've read of him, Ian H. is constantly worried about this, about what will or will not keep his Big-Guy backers happy.

Morgaine said...

It's all about the money. Patriarchy enables those companies to exploit people and resources for huge profits. Matriarchy will be the end of that - and yes, I do mean WILL.

Dove said...

I wonder if Ian Hodder has a public e-mail address..