Saturday, June 21, 2008


The earth is Mother.

Your body is nothing but Earth, the Mother.

Your food is nothing but dirt and the minerals in it.

What else is there? You are nothing but dirt, nothing but the Mother.

With Her in your consciousness as the Divine, no way would you trash Her the way we’re doing now.
thnx to photosapience for the foto; go HERE to see more.


Debi Crow said...

This is brilliant - I love it very much. x

Athana said...

debi, thnx for the high praise.

It's so obvious, that it's kind of curious we don't think of it this way more often, isn't it? We are, really, nothing but earth. There is nothing else we *can* be, because that's all there is. Same with our food. What else is there to eat but Earth?

And "Mother Earth" is not just a western thing. In separate cultures all over the world the Earth is seen as Mother.

Athana said...

In a way, none of us ever really eat food. Food is just a key that unlocks the earth-as-nourishment for us. What we really eat is a variety of forms of dirt.