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SWITCHING to GODDESS: Table of Contents

1. We Are What We Worship
We Are What We Worship
Love No Matter What
Alice in Opposite Land
The Lucky Sex Is Born That Way
Whomped by War Gods
The Moderate Menace
How Do War Gods Lead to War?
Pitching the Baby with the Bathwater
Like It or Not, Religion’s Here to Stay
The God Called Science
Born Numskulls
Pick Your Spectacles
32c/21p Worth of Chemicals
Mommy, Daddy and the Science Guy
Deity Disarmament
A Shot of Something Smooth
Tend and Befriend
Killing the Urge
Grandma Didn’t Run
Time to Switch

2. Kissing Cousins
The Moso of Mother Lake
The Moso Guiding Mother Goddess
Mothers Are the Model
The Mysterious Basques
Shape Shifter
Dashing, Daring and Democratic
Risk Takers to Beat All Risk Takers
The Hopis of the American Southwest
The Hopi Mother Goddess
Freedom-Loving Power Sharers
Creative and Playful
Our Kissing Cousin the Bonobo
Hey Dudes, Chill, Will Ya?
Blocking the Oxytocin Fix

3. Good Times
Just Any Ol’ Goddess Won’t Do
Speaking of Time
Old Snapshots of the Guiding Goddess
Calling All Artists
Divine Catwoman
Great Mother of the Mountain
Crazy about Goddess — All Over the Globe
The Guiding Goddess at Catalhoyuk
Elsewhere in the Near East
India’s Mysterious Indus Valley
The Goddess in Neolithic Japan
Europe’s Great Guiding Goddess
Men and the Goddess
Europe in the Bronze Age: The Fab Minoans
But Are They Really Goddesses?
Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Pass Go
Tricky Dickies
Out-to-Lunch Ideas?
Cauvin Pooh-Poohs the Toy Notion
But in the End Most See the Light

4. Before Snoots, Snobs and Bully Boys
Did the Guiding Goddess Guarantee Utopia?
Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal
Our Ancestors: Playful and Creative
George Lucas and Ron Howard’s Willow
No Snoots in the Near East
No Snoots in the Indus Valley
No Snoots in Old Europe
No Snoots in Jomon Japan
Goddess Daredevils
Rich as Rockefeller
Only the Best – For Everyone
No Dictators, Despots or Bully boys
Guiding Goddessites: Ancient Techno Wizards

5. Before War
As Far as the Eye Can See: No War!
Biologically Built for War?
Before War in the Near East
Before War in the Indus Valley
Before War in Japan and Europe
The Myth That Underpopulation Means Peace
End of the Female Figurines

6. Bad Times
Who Popped Us in the Chops, Ma?
Europe in the Big, Black Box
Whomped Again in the Near East
The Rascals Run Roughshod Over the Indus Valley
Myce or Min?
In Japan, the Jomon Jump Ship
What Twisted Them into Monsters?
Where’d All This Dust Come From?
What’s That Spider Web Sitting on Your Head?
Help! I Can’t Stop Eating!
Birth of Daddy War God
Con Dude Goes to Town

7. Fight
Bounceback #1: The Return of Tiamat
Bounceback #2: Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better
Bounceback #3: 180 Degrees Backwards
Hel: Goddess Who Couldn’t Be Conquered
Stealing Her Magic
Bouncing Back All over the Place
Bounceback #4: A Bit of Goddess Back to Christians
Bounceback #5: God Dark Ages, Goddess Renaissance
Twenty-First-Century Bounceback

8. The Fix
A Vision
With a Little Magic, The Fix Would Be Simple
Around the World, Nations Switching
Switching at Home
Switching Hearts and Minds
Switching for Men
Switching to What?
“When God Wants War”
But We Haven’t All Gotten It Yet
Beating the Talking Drums, Getting the Word Out
Whadda We Say? How Do We Say It?
Congregation Revolution
Don’t Believe in Goddess. See If I Care
Calling All Manly Mother-Men
We Can’t Lose
But Time Is Running Out
We Can Do It By 2035
Money Can Be Part of the Mix in the Fix
Get Ready for the Big Daddy of All Backlashes

9. Home Again
In a Nutshell
All Signs Point to Switching
War to End All Wars
Have War God, Will War
Little Ones, Come Ye Unto Daddy War Lord
Jesus the Conditional Lover
Full of Hope
Ten Things I Can Do to Spread the Word
Luke Skywalker, Where R U?

A. Origin of Starvation Culture
B. War Gods Around the World
C. Questions from the Peanut Gallery
D. Possible Guiding Goddesses We Can Return To
E. Weblogs in the Closed Countries
F. World Religions
G. Things You Can Do to Flip the Switch
H. Web Directory
I. Goddess Reading List
J. Cruelty in the Bible: Short List

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