Sunday, June 01, 2008


I went to the Grandmothers a few days ago in deep distress.

"Grandmothers," I said, …..They are burning
people alive in South Africa. …. People in this country are losing their jobs and homes, China and Myanmar are suffering terribly and the war in Iraq goes on and on....”

The Grandmothers sat on the ground before me, and as I stepped into their circle, spherical waves began to spin around ….

"Anchor yourself," they said…. I saw a wine opener--turning and turning, as it screwed itself into the earth, and as I watched, it was I who was becoming deeply fastened to the Mother.

"Screw yourself deeply to Mother Earth and watch from there," the Grandmothers said. "You won’t be swept away or react to the changes sweeping across the world, and neither will you lull yourself into false security by ignoring the obvious.

"Anchored like this, you will be immune from the panic that is gripping much of the world," they said. "…

…"Give love. Dive into life and serve wherever you can," they said.... “Do not back off now and huddle fearfully in the dark. Dive in!"
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