Sunday, June 22, 2008


Oh. My. God.

It hit me today. What just might keep us from ever bouncing back to the Goddess.

It’s starvation culture.

I was defining starvation culture for my new weblog (which I’m told I need in order to sell Switching to Goddess), and it suddenly dawned on me:

Mother eats you.

That’s the final thing that happens in starving social groups. The mother-child bond lasts the longest, but in the end, even mothers dance off the deep end and begin to consume their own children for lunch.

Sorry. This is slimy.

But I think starvation culture is the lifeblood feeding almost every single one of our skankiest personal, local, and world problems today. And if I’m right, and if we love ourselves and each other, then we need to hold our noses and force ourselves to deal (with starvation culture, that is).

Go HERE to read my (short) explanation of starvation culture. (There’s a longer explanation in Switching to Goddess, which you can buy at the end of November. Or pre-order Switching today by clicking on the book cover to the right).

thnx to Melissa for the foto -- of what? -- Eve about to eat the apple of her eye? Arghhhh! Anyway, go HERE to see more of Melissa's work.

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