Friday, June 06, 2008


As much as I love you, Natalie, you’re dead-ringer wrong on this one:

People ruthless, people cruel
The damage that some people do
Full of hatred, full of pride
It's enough to make you lose your mind

I know that it will hurt
I know that it will break your heart
The way things are
The way they've been
And the way they've always been
Natalie, things have not always “been this way.”

When the Goddess reigned, people were sane and decent. Life was sweet (for everyone, not just a few).

It’s only after the sky & war gods ripped into our lives that things turned twisted and busted.

You need to write a new song, Natalie.

These sky/war warts seemed to pop up first around 4000 BC, east and north of the Mediterranean Sea. (Read: “the birth of the state,” and “Proto-Indo-Europeans”)

After that, the wart-god peoples began pounding on the Goddess peoples. The Goddess peoples dove underground, which is where those still remaining are today (for example, the Moso/Mosuo of China).

I'll be watching for your new song, Natalie. Thnx in advance for writing it.
and thnx to niljadee for the foto; go HERE to see more.

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