Monday, June 30, 2008


This just in from Anne over at The Gods Are Bored:

Welcome to "The Gods Are Feverish!" I'm your host, Hot Annie. Pass the iced tea, please.

But wait. There's no ice.

Word just in from the Goddess Sedna that for the first time in recorded history, the North Pole will be open water this summer instead of solid ice.

Sedna tells me that Santa Claus's workshop just sank under the waves. Total loss.

Apparently Santa's been warned over the past few years that his workshop might be in danger of destruction, but he just ignored it. The only radio station that reaches the North Pole carries Fox Radio -- Rush Limbaugh,, so Santa thought global climate change was just something made up to cheat honest oil executives out of their hard-earned research money.
For the rest, tap those keys on over to The Gods Are Bored, HERE.

And, here's what others have to say on the matter: the BBC; MSNBC; Pravda; the Belfast Telegraph; the New York Times; The London Times;; Popular Mechanics;;; The Indpendent; redorbit; and last but certainly not least, Cousin Doris, who says, "Global warming is a Hoax."
thnx to rodolfo clix for the foto; go HERE for more.

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