Tuesday, June 03, 2008

HE Worries ME

What worries me about Barack Obama:

Everybody knows Republicans own the American media.

And the American media is pushing Obama like a preacher pushes offering plates.

So what’s up with that?
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whatsername said...

I dunno, seems to me most of the American media did their very best to discredit him.

Anne Johnson said...

They are all bought and paid for, it's a bad system.

Athana said...

Dear wathsername, I suspect all of us are prone to selective perception -- the tendency to see things that are important to us, or salient in some other way, far more often than they actually exist or occur.

But as Echidne of the Snakes points out on her blog today, remember "the Hillary Nutcracker … and the C.U.N.T. t-shirt…."

As an Echidne readers notes, "... it doesn't really end, either. Even today, I read news stories that she [Hillary] should be "staked through the heart", that "she's hanging on like a bad ex", that she'll be remembered as "America's bad dream that wouldn't die," and so on."


Could you please send me examples of little statuettes showing Obama cracking something with his genitals? Or Obama t-shirts with a derogatory word for “penis” placed next to his face?

And send any statements you find in which a media personality compares Obama to a vampire, or suggests that Obama should be not just murdered, but savagely murdered.

Hey. Don’t feel bad. We women are so used to being treated like insect dung that it doesn’t even register with most of us. You’re not alone.

There are even young women today saying that women are now totally equal to men. Excuse for one moment (HA. HAHAHAHAHA. HARDY HARHARHAR!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!). Ahem. Better now [wiping tears out of eyes with tissue].

Athana said...

anne, I think you're probably right. We live in a money-ocracy, rule by Money, whoever has the most money buys the candidate of her or his choice.

And of course if that's the case, there's no one to blame but ourselves.

As Robin Hood says on BBC (Saturday nights), "Everything in life is a choice."

Our choice today: We live lives of relative comfort in a moneyocracy*, or we suffer a bit and do what it takes to stub out the moneyocracy and replace it with rule by the people.

Or at least some of us do

whatsername said...

Athana, I didn't say anything about the way that Hillary was treated.

It was disgusting the way the media dealt with her.

I would never compare the way the two were treated.

And I wasn't doing that.

Your post wasn't even about that. It made no comparison between the treatment of the two candidates.

However, you're saying here that he's being pushed now. And maybe he is, the truth is I don't watch television, I have been staying up to date on things through the internet and the wonderful blogs I read (like yours). Even if Obama is being pushed now, that Rev Wright controversy was not very long ago. And it was utter bullshit. And yet it was played over and over and over again, and they put up enough misleading crap that lots of people still think Obama is a Muslim (which Hillary Clinton didn't help at all, btw :\). I even saw a charming segment where the broadcasters on Fox derided his lack of manliness and athletic skill because he couldn't bowl. It was one of the stupidest things I'd ever seen, but it was right there in front of me, and people actually watch that shit for news!

I do think they've done their best to discredit him.

That doesn't mean I think they haven't done their best to destroy Hillary Clinton. I do.

Nephilim22 said...

I have seen t-shirts on sale that have the face of Curious George on them holding a banana with the phrase, "Obama '08". I watched the media say since the start of the primary season until four months ago that Obama should just step aside and let Mrs. Inevitable take the nomination. Now I am hearing that feminists should understand that it was their support of affirmative action that got them in this situation. I have heard Obama constantly called "Barak the Magic Negro." I have heard from women in the Democratic establishment say that he got where he is now through pure skin color. Wow, why didn't other African-Americans know it was so easy? The reason he is being trumpeted now is because its time for the networks to cover a different aspect of the elections to keep their viewers entertained. Now we can hear about more petty, insubstantial issues during the general election, courtesy of the media and their entertainment product.

Athana said...

whatsername, I hear you. I went off on a tangent that didn't really relate at all to your post.

I'm going to try again.

First, it's not really Obama per se who worries me. It looks as if he's our nominee, and I will fight to the death for him, believe me.

What worries me is that the TV news I've caught lately (MSNBC and CNN mostly) seem to have boosted Obama over Hillary.

And if your enemy is pushing Candidate X, is't it likely it's because your enemy thinks Candidate X will hurt you (i.e., in this case, lose to McCain)?

Certain MSNBC news anchors were so gushy over Obama that other commentators began talking about their "man crushes" on him.

And Saturday Night Live did a hilarious sketch about the way Obama was fawned over in the debates while Hillary was virtually ignored.

Athana said...

Also, whatsername, when I said we're all prone to selective perception, I include myself in that category, most definitely (although I don't think that came across well in my first comment to you above).

Athana said...

nephilim22, those are some fine and raunchy examples. Thanks.

LittleIsis said...

Well, I have to say that both Hillary and Barack are Dems, so naturally they will both get treated ridiculously, but I know that they were pushing Barack the whole time for a reason, namely, he is the weaker General election candidate. Even when everyone was pretending to call Hillary "Mrs. Innevitable" all they talked about was how Barack was going to come back, so don't even give me that. Even before Iowa, Hillary got the most negative press coverage out of every candidate combined, Republicans included.
The media has fawned over Barck, and they will surely knock him off his glorious pedestal soon.
Also, Hillary Clinton never even came close to accusing Barack pf being a Muslim, are you kidding?
Of course I will work my heart out for Barack to win the election, but I will still not ignore basic fact.
The republicans own the media. One would be silly to forget that. And they only started that Rev Wright stuff so he would be damaged going into the General.

whatsername said...

Also, Hillary Clinton never even came close to accusing Barack pf being a Muslim, are you kidding?

That's not what I said.

I said: "they put up enough misleading crap that lots of people still think Obama is a Muslim (which Hillary Clinton didn't help at all, btw :\)."

When someone asks her about this issue and her reply is "He's not a Muslim, as far as I know" that's not helping.

Athana said...

During the campaign, McCain, Obama, and Clinton all three came out with little under-the-table "barbs."

I mean the kind of statement where we'll never know if they were intentionally trying to hurt someone, or if it was just an innocent statement that meant nothing.

On the campaign trail, for example, Obama called a woman "Sweetie."

The media went crazy over this, and Obama was forced to apologize.

Does this statement mean Obama's conflicted about women and their power? Maybe. Maybe not.

Clinton says "As far as I know Obama is not a Muslim."

Was this a conscious attempt to damage Obama's credibility in a somewhat anti-Muslim America? A subconscious attempt? Or just an innocent statement of fact?

We'll never know.

I do know I was exceedingly proud of Clinton for bowing out of the race so gracefully, and for urging all her supporters to back Obama.