Friday, June 06, 2008

The “No Girls LEFT BEHIND, Boys Can Go Suck” Program

According to MSNBC, in Detroit only 24.9% of students are now making it through high school.

The high school graduation rate was higher in the days of dinosaurs, when kids walked 100 miles both ways over frozen tundra to learn reading, writing and wooly hyena hunting.

And the media is aghast lately at how boys in particular are falling behind in school, with girls using them to mop up the floor.

Has anyone pointed out the obvious? Of course it’s Dubya’s brilliant, unfunded “No Child Left Behind” program, or more to the point, the “No Girls Left Behind, Boys Can Go Suck” Program (NGLB-BCGS Program) that's "behind" all this (no pun intended).

Only someone a total flop in school (Dubya) would push a national school agenda as destined for failure as the NGLB-BCGS Program.

In the book I just finished The Wednesday Night Witches – one of the main characters muses about a possible connection between No Child Left Behind and the popular Fundie book series, Left Behind, about the apocalypse and who gets to fly to heaven with Jesus and who’s left behind to fry.

The main character, a school teacher, finally breaks out of her stupor and does something creative – at which point her class finally begins to learn things.

Guess with Dubya it’s boys he wants to Leave Behind to fry.

Maybe he shoulda had a few sons insteada all daughters?

Anyway, Goddess help us all in 20 years when the dropouts step up smilingly to remove your gall bladder, build our nuclear reactors, and run the country.
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