Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Mother Goddesses make better role models than Jesus. Why? Because while none of us has ever watched Jesus with our very own eyes, we’ve all watched healthy mothers going about their daily business.

So when you wonder what’s “right” behavior in any situation, all ya hafta do is ask yourself, “What would a healthy mother do?”

For example, if you’re feeling envious of some dude, you can say, “Okay, if a healthy mother’s kid’s having a great time and she’s not, does the mother get envious? No way! She automatically forgets her own troubles, grins, and starts clapping for the kid.”

With your own eyes you’ve seen this. We’re not talking here about some pretend dude invented by the war gods.
Thnx to lovleah for the fine foto

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Anne Johnson said...

This might be the most profound post you've ever written, and that's saying a lot.