Monday, May 07, 2007


Anyone else caught the BBC Robin Hood bug? I’m nuts about this series. No, literally -- nuts. When I discovered yesterday it was only 13 shows long, I almost teared up. But then I found out BBC’s doing a second series. Hubba! Hubba! Hubba!

As a Goddess Lover, here’s why you need to catch this show:

First, Marian (Lucy Griffiths) plays a very believable Goddess [See earlier blogs about how Marian in the RH legends is actually the Great Goddess]. She deeply loves the people of Nottingham. At night, she even rides around wearing a mask rescuing people. She keeps Her feet in two worlds -- Forest and Castle, working as a communication link between the Goddess Forest and the male-God Castle.

Second, one of Robin’s ‘men’ is actually -- surprise, surprise -- a dudette: her name is Djaq, and she’s a 20-something Muslim woman, wears pants and a leather vest, and is a talented Saracen scientist.

Third, in this series, you getta bask in Goddess Land 24/7. Robin et al. don’t even do huts or caves. They’re magic men, out in the forest all the time, lounging around on fallen logs circling a campfire, on a springy leaf floor. Unless, of course, they're routing the evil Sheriff of Nottingham.

This is definitely a series made with us Goddess People in mind.

The fotos come from the BBC Robin Hood website. They are, from top to bottom, Marian; Robin; Djaq; Marian again; and Sir Guy of Gisborne (I know I'm supposed to like Robin best, but Guy's a hunk!).


Amy Farmer said...

I love the new Robin Hood show. It's the first dramatic series I've followed since the first season of Battlestar Galactica. I love the "Night Watchman" stuff, and the fact that Jaq, a Saracen Woman is treated as an equal by Robin Hood's men.

Athana said...

Yes, yes, yes, Amy! The women are powerful in Sherwood Forest these days. Right up there with the men.

There's constant subtle stuff about (believe it or not), our 21st-century "war" in Iraq.

There's humor pitched in every once in a while.

The plots are great.

The acting's excellent.

All in all, with this series, you can't miss.

Anne Johnson said...

Oh, you make me long to watch television! Alas, 10 minutes of "Countdown with Keith" is all I get. You think they'll put this out on DVD?

Also, Athana, check it out -- in December "The Golden Compass" comes to theaters!!!

Amy Farmer said...

The DVD comes out in June and is available for pre-order on

Countdown is the best news show on tv. I love Worst Person in the World and Top 3 Newsmakers.

Athana said...

Ooooh The Golden Compass looks like a must-see, anne!