Thursday, May 24, 2007


How much of a love are you? After reading the questions below, and with 10 being max, rate yourself from 1 to 10:

1. You know the personal peace Goddess brings. Do you reach out and put others in touch with it?

If so, score 3-1/3 points.

2. You know the evidence that centering societies around a Great Guiding Goddess* brings peace, non-violence, and equality and wealth for all. Do you nevertheless hide your little Goddess light under a barrel?

If so, score 0. If not, score 3-1/3 points.

3. You know the only way to “save” the world may be to bring back a Guiding Goddess. Do you pass this info on to others?

If so, score 3-1/3 points.

How’dja do? If you flunked, it’s ok. I didn’t do so hot myself. But let’s talk about why we didn’t (do so hot, that is).
* By “Great Guiding Goddess” I mean a deity who births the universe and everything in it, and who also serves as the major guide for human behavior.


Amy Farmer said...

I scored somewhere between 6 2/3 and 10. A little iffy on the last question but I don't hide my Goddess worship, which is probably why my entire department at work had to un-decorate out desks but no other department did (was it "I'm Pagan and I Vote", "Goddess Bless America" or "It's A Witch thing, you wouldn't understand", I wonder?).

Athana said...

Amy, you go, girl!