Sunday, May 13, 2007


If we’d stuck with the Great Mother, kiddies, instead of dancing over to daddy gods, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Since She was their main rival, the daddies felt forced to teach us to trash Mother Earth.

Well, it’s time to ditch the daddies, ‘cause we’re shifting Mother’s climate, and She’s about to whop us.

We’re also slashing willy-nilly through Her body for chemicals to heat our homes, drive our Datsuns, and clean our carpets.

And since we don’t know a dang thing about what we’re doing in there, two-thirds of us (sorry to have to say) are destined to die of chemical-caused cancers.

And as Mother’s climate goes wonky and won’t make food or water anymore, the rest of us will starve and dehydrate.

Thank Goddess there’s a solution: Goddess devotees: stop hiding your Goddess under a barrel. Bring Her forth and teach your neighbors to love Her.

Which translates into putting the Earth on a pedastal.

Which translates into putting all the Earth’s women on pedastals, letting them use their Goddess-given wisdom to decide when and how many babies to birth (so the Earth doesn’t become swamped with human-flesh the way it is now).

Which means loving every single person on earth the way a healthy mother loves her children – so you’d sooner die than grow rich selling chemicals you know cause cancer and climate change.
Thnx to Tove Tenhaug for the foto


Amy Farmer said...

Excellent points. I keep The Charge of the Goddess, the Wiccan Rede and a page of information about Moon Goddesses at work, as well as using a Witches Weekly Planner as my calender. I encourage other Goddess worshipers to do what they can.

Athana said...

Alright Amy! You're my hero of the week!! Have you figured out any little ways yet to clue people in on how peaceful, nonviolent and equalitarian the world was when the Goddess was in charge?

Anne Johnson said...

Athana, please read my post of May 14 for a dispatch from behind enemy lines.