Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I'm starting a new sacred organization. I need a name. The members will discuss and hear talks on “What Would a Healthy Mother Do?”

Every Sunday we’ll chew the fat about prickly situations we’ve all gotten ourselves into – situations we didn’t deal with because we didn’t know HOW to deal.

For each situation we’ll ask “What would a healthy mother do?” Could I have done the same? What did I do instead? What kinda rocks fell on my head because I did what I did? What would the upshot have been if I’d done what a healthy mother would do? In this situation, does living in a war-god society prevent me from acting like a healthy mother? How so?

First, we’ll all eat some scrumptious snack food (the Goddess wants us to enjoy our senses, remember? Besides, sharing food makes people feel happy about each other). Then we’ll plunk ourselves down in a circle -- maybe in chairs, maybe on pillows on the floor. Then, with soft music playing in the background, we’ll discuss the questions above.

If you have any good ideas for a name for this group, let me know. So far, I’m not quite satisfied with my list:

O Congregation of the Mother Model
O Gathering of the Great Guiding Mama Goddess
O Great Mama, Here We Come!

Also, if you have a war-god church building anywhere in southern Maine you’d like to dedicate to us, give me a jingle. Of course we'll have most of our services outdoors, but once the snow starts we might vote to move inside.


Davo said...

There is, of course, the theory that Jesus was female, since parthenogenesis only produces females .. but shushh, don't tell the Roman church, might upset the Myth machine.

Amy Farmer said...

How about Mothers on a Mission (M.O.M.)

Athana said...

Good one, davo. And amy, M.O.M. is almost too good to be true!

Anne Johnson said...

Mid-Atlantic Milk Marketing Association (MAMMA) is already taken.

Morgaine said...

Goddess Alive is already taken, isn't it? If not, I like it.

Mothers on a Mission is nice!

Just a note re: Davos reference to parthenogenesis. There is only one known instance in which a parthenogenic female produces a male offspring - in snakes. Look at biblical symbolism in that light, and all kinds of mayhem ensues! Just like those bumper stickers that say "Jesus is the bringer of light!" which in Roman context means Jesus is Lucifer...