Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Archaeologists have dug up dozens of images of Minoans somersaulting – from front to rear – over the backs of bulls.

Although modern matadors say this can’t be done, I don’t believe it for a second. Just ‘cause we can’t do something what makes us think our ancestors couldn’t?

I suspect our Goddess-centered ancestors packed a lot more pluck than we do. Mother Goddess societies would drape people with a kind of self-sense we god peoples can’t even imagine.

We’re birthed and ‘loved’ by deities who’d just as soon see us stoned to death as look at us. How could we have healthy senses of self?


Paul said...

Oh your beautiful picture of those wonderful people vaulting the bull brings back so many memories of a recent two week trip to Eastern Crete to explore the Goddess archaeology that is so abundant there. Climbs to hill shrines in the cooler parts of the day with not a visitor in sight. Descents into cool caves, into the Mother Herself. Plenty of time to touch the spririts of place honour the Goddess with ritual and offerings and pray that once more peaceful societies that radiate joy might arise on our Mother Earth.

Anne Johnson said...

I wish our deities would rather see us stoned. Then maybe our stupid government would decriminalize weed.