Friday, May 25, 2007

PROUD TO BE AN american

Whoopsie Daisy, and it’s back to the DARK AGES we go!

In only three days, a $27 million "Creation Museum" opens in the plucky little town of Petersburg, Kentucky.

In it, visitors will see happy prehistoric kiddies cavorting with dinosaurs, and will be told by the museum's creators, the "Answers in Genesis Ministry," that that’s the way things really were in days of yore.

Never mind that modern scientists – you know: the dudettes and dudes who brought us electric lights and modern medicine? – say that dinos and homo sapiens sapiens were separated by, oh, only a few zillion years.

GO HERE to the New York Times for more.
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Livia said...

Good Goddess, the lengths they will go to perpetuate their fantasy. My brother is schizophrenic, high functioning thank the gods, and even he didn't have such a hard time letting go of his delusions. I feel sorry for the kids who get spoonfed this horseshit. What do you wanna bet they grow up to be some seriously twisted and bitter people?

Athana said...

I hope you're right, livia. I hope the kids who tour this museum grow up to someday see the light. The thing is, not enough of us are speaking out against the war-god "religions" -- Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism are the biggest four -- so they just roll merrily on, steamrolling Mother Earth and everything on it.

Morgaine said...

Can you see why I never leave my room? I can encounter people like this just by stepping out into my living room. They're scary.

If any of the children indoctrinated into that cult make it to college, they'll end up being the ones who try to have their professors sanctioned for teaching them science. Ugh. When are we going to put a stop to this idiocy?!

Athana said...

I just hate it that the war-god people have taken over the gorgeous land that is Kentucky. I wonder if the Goddess sent you back there for a reason, Morgaine?

Anne Johnson said...

We at "The Gods Are Bored" applaud the opening of the new Moron Museum. We have been commissioned to write a piece about the Scopes Monkey Trial for a magazine that is also covering the museum opening.

We're so glad this young earth science is finally coming to light. Now we don't have to hide our pet Hadrosaur anymore. She's thrilled to know she can come out of the basement and graze on the football field!

Athana said...

You go, anne! I'd love to read your article when it comes out, so let us know when it does.