Sunday, May 20, 2007


In HER ARTICLE “Peace Culture,” Elise Boulding shoots the breeze about “the persistence of social images of … peace, the ineradicable longing for … peace, and the numbers of social movements working for a more … peaceful world.”

Jeesh! With this ton ‘o stuff pumping on the side of Peace, why aren’t we swamped with Peace?

Answer: Because the world is swamped with War Gods: Jehovah, Allah, Yahweh and Vishnu now control 68% of the globe (go HERE to see a pie chart of this sad truth). No way we’ll have peace until we dump these dudley dudes.
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Aquila ka Hecate said...

It's that 'not religious' group, at 16%, that I'm interested in keeping an eye on.

It seems to me to be the fastest growing slice-IIRC, the figure did not exceed 10% ten years ago - and most of them are 'way more inclined to oppose the WarGods than to support them.

Where does an Atheist go when she's opened her mind up a bit? Not to one of the Book religions, I'm pretty convinced.

To Buddhism or NeoPaganism, or UU-ism even.

I'm an incurable optimist, I know. :)

Terri in Joburg

Athana said...

I adore incurable optimists, Terri. You're welcome here anytime.

It's encouraging to think we "not religious" have jumped as much as 6% in numbers, from 10% to 16%, over a ten-year period.

I can't help but think that as the daddy gods get more and more outlandish, they'll lose their flocks in droves. It's a growing-smaller world, after all, and young people aren't stupid.

Morgaine said...

The "not religious" people are sometimes hostile to any religion, though, and they don't know enough about us to know what we're about. But then I'm old and tired, so I'll take comfort in Terri's optimism and hope there are many, many like her.

Amy Farmer said...

This post is genuinely inspiring. We need to fight for the Goddess. This is why I feel that while proselityzing is not my style, wiccans should at least share the Goddess with any halfway willing listener.

Anonymous said...

but i thought you had told us in a previous posting you were among the first to want the current Iraqi war to be waged? So which is it - Incurable Optimism or Fear of WMD?

Signed - Forever confused by the ever-present contradictions of this blog...


Athana said...

Morgaine, it’s true that atheists *think* they’re hostile to all religions. But as you say, they haven’t seen us yet! Amy has a good point I think. We all need to push ourselves at least a tad out of our comfort zones re: sharing the Goddess.

Athana said...

Anon, not sure I get what you're driving at.