Monday, July 31, 2006


Well, podners, want more proof that the YAJ are burning with secret hatred for each other, and will soon wipe each other off the planet? (If you’ve been visiting this blog, you know that Yaj are followers of the god Yahweh-Allah-Jehovah.)

Two days ago, the movie star Mel Gibson, a very famous Yaj indeed, was caught driving drunk.

Apparently Mr. G. delivered a “… profanity-laced, anti-Semitic tirade to a sheriff's officer,” stating, among other things that “Jews are responsible for all the wars in history!”

A few years ago, you’ll recall, Gibson was so smitten and bitten by Jehovah that he made a movie called The Passion of Christ.

I ask you, what would a Martian think of our dear Yaj? How about “They’ll slaughter each other soon, leaving the earth to sane people”?


Anne Johnson said...

I have my own theory about Mel-Going-to-Hell. I think he was so belligerent to the cop who nabbed him that the cop might have added the Jew stuff to the report. Gibson, in the meantime, being so drunk he doesn't remember what he actually said.

But not by any means claiming he's being framed.

I'm grateful to Mel, because "Passion" was what finally pushed me out of the Yaj crowd for good and all. My sister has the DVD and watches it once a month.

And she thinks I'm the one lost on Loony Boulevard!

Martie said...

I'm still somewhat confused by this blog of yours I read. What I hear in YOUR words is a lot of hatred towards other groups, yet you seem to disparage those who have hatred towards other groups. PLEASE help me understand all this. I really want to be able to figure this all out.

Athana said...

Anne, I hope your theory is correct, because I’ve always kinda liked Mel (until he made “Passion” at least; then I began to harbor a few doubts about him…). I’m glad to hear that at least one (very) good thing came out of “Passion” – your breaking free from “the Yaj crowd”!

Athana said...

Martie, does it show that much? I thought I was doing a passable job of hiding my cavernous loathing for the war god Yahweh-Allah-Jehovah (Yaj). To understand my POV, please read back issues of this blog. Yaj – mostly his Allah and Jehovah parts – has spread himself like a cancer across our small globe, eating up precious people the way locusts eat up miles and miles of fertile farmland.

Jehovah and Allah began as tiny little war-like pinpoints in the deserts of the Middle East. It took them only a few thousand years to spread themselves and their wars all over us, the Goddess’s people. They’ve forced themselves on people in a variety of ways – mostly through torture, terror and cruelty. In only a few thousand years, they’ve managed to terrify over half of the world’s people into becoming Yaj-ites, war people, war nations. Go see the pie graph at The war peoples calling themselves Christians and Muslims have eaten up a whopping 54% of the world’s population. Hinduism – another war-god religion – has eaten up another 14% of the world. So almost 70% of the world, now, has been forced into worshipping war gods.

Anti-Thesisofreason said...


I think that Yaj is such an angry and hateful god because his mate/otherhalf has been denied to him he is no longer whole.
I think if I was denied visitation rights to my better half I would take it out on other people too.

Yaj is not allowed to be whole and one with his other half and thus has gone bonkers because of it.

Just a thought.

Athana said...

anti-thesisofreason, I like the way you think. I think you're right: Yaj is a screwed-up mess because he's missing his yang (or is it his yin?).

Morgaine said...

Call her more than half, and I'll agree with that.

For the record, Mel's tirade was caught on tape. I've seen it. He's quite vile and hateful. He's a very different man than the one that played Hamlet so beautifully.

As a matter of fact, the officer not only didn't create the scandal, his commanding officer told him not to include it in his report. Then Mel began to bad mouth the police and they produced the tape.