Wednesday, July 12, 2006


When I asked the Crone, "If the Goddess is the life force of creation; if she is everywhere, in everything, where is that which is not the Goddess?"

She said, "In the nowhere."

From "The Goddess Is a Verb."

foto: "thaifairy" by daycha


Anonymous said...

So true. She is a verb, and first and foremost She is The Subject, the "unknowable", seeming void of the womb, as well as the verbal action and growth going on inside it. If She were just "the Word", existential despair would prevail; existence on its own would be like a verb with no point, a meaningless absurdity. Runs. What runs? Who runs? Where? Why? Only by linking a subject to a verb can we obtain the meaning and purpose that make life a viable dynamic, a synergic whole. The Goddess is a complete sentence. That is why creepiness is in the nowhere; there is no room for it in the Everywhere.

Athana said...

ganymetheus, some physicists believe there is no such thing as matter -- only energy. Matter is an illusion, they say. If they're right, then maybe the Goddess is -- entirely -- a verb. What do you think?