Monday, July 10, 2006


One of your chief enemies is a macabre group called – innocently enough – the ADF, or “Alliance Defense Fund.” (I strongly suspect "ADF" actually stands for something like “Alliance of Dimwits Fund.”)

The aim of the Alliance of Dimwits Fund is to turn the world into Christian Land. Their lair sits in Scottsdale, Arizona. Unfortunately, these big guys are loaded with money, which they’ve extorted from people terrified of “hell”. They’re using their millions like a hammer, trying to change U.S. law. They’re starting with things like making it legal to spew their hatred and bigotry in our public schools – whether we like it or not.

They’re hammering to change laws so they can stick giant crosses on our public lands, reminding us daily -- whether we like it or not -- of an ancient and starkly barbaric form of public execution called ‘crucifixion.’

They’re hammering to change our laws so hate-mongerers can follow women into abortion clinics, shrieking about how evil these women are for wanting control over their own bodies, and for depriving the world of more human flesh (as if the world needs more human flesh).

And if they get these laws passed, what next? Where does it end? Public execution of gays, gypsies, Wiccans and Jews? Why not?

By the way, if you smell James Dobson on this group, you’d be right. He’s a founder.

Go HERE to read the article in today’s Washington Post about this weasley, dangerous group.

Go HERE to check out one of their truly frightening blogs.

Go HERE to enter the Belly of the Beast Itself, the actual website of the Alliance of Dimwits.

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