Thursday, July 27, 2006


(From Anne over at The Gods Are Bored):

Anne: …. Well, Danu, it's customary for pissed off gods and goddesses to threaten disaster if they're not satisfied with the human race. Are you of that ilk?

Danu: I'm here trying to save you, not smite you. Smiting is officially censured by the Intergalactic Federation of Gods and Goddesses (IFG&G).

Anne: If that's the case, how come so many gods and goddesses (I'm thinking of at least one notable) smite with reckless abandon?

Danu: Deities who smite are not officially recognized by the IFG&G. They can't even buy membership cards. Some have tried....

Anne: Returning to our central topic. You are the Celtic Goddess of Wind (among other things, including creation of the world). Do you think it's blustery enough here in Amerika to get us all lit up [with wind power versus unrenewable energy sources]?

Danu: Lit up like Rush Limbaugh on vacation in the Dominican Republic.

Anne: Some people say the big windmills are an eyesore. I'm thinking particularly now of the rich folks on Martha's Vineyard who successfully lobbied (there's that word again) to keep a windmill farm from being planted offshore where they could just barely see it.

Danu: I'd better go. I'm being tempted to smite. But you see, I did the smart thing. I set the world in motion and then gave humans free will instead of that original sin and Grace of God malarky. If your species doesn't do the right thing, you can't blame me for your trip down the tubes.

Anne: A wise Goddess indeed. And congratulations on regaining a substantial praise and worship team. It's growing all the time! I'm proud to be in your camp.

Danu: It's a pleasure having you. Now you'd better bop downstairs. Your daughter left a notebook on your altar to my daughter, Queen Brighid the Bright.

Anne: And I can't smite her for it?

Danu: Make her fold the laundry and weed the garden.

Anne: She'll consider that being smited.

Danu: Then you just tell her that, in order to fit into the pure definition of godly smite, there's got to be unpleasant boils, an invading army, purchase by slave traders, a plain old savage beating, or being stoned to death....

Anne: I hear you. So, is there any veracity at all to this Left Behind business?

Danu: I don't mean to sling mud, but I have jars of jam older than the team that cooked up Left Behind….”
For the entire interview, be sure to visit Anne at The Gods Are Bored.


Anonymous said...

Does the Goddess actually care about altars?

Anne Johnson said...

She might not care, but I do. Thanks, Athana, for reprising my interview with Danu.

Athana said...

anon, I don't know if the Goddess cares about altars. However, altars seem to provide powerful help for quite a few people to commune with the Goddess. Which makes them exceedingly important to quite a few people.

Morgaine said...

She only cares that we care, so because we care, we care about alters.